Past, Present, and Future of Visual Design Studio "WOW"

Since our establishment in 1997, we have been active in various fields, starting with computer-generated imagery and later branching out into user interface and user experience design, installation art, consumer products, and construction. While this expansion may appear chaotic, all of our work is connected by the concepts of visual design and the tangible and intangible visual objects which are the focus of all visual design.

The computer-generation technology that supports visual design is animation. This word originates from the Latin “anima”, meaning “life” or “soul.” In other words, animation imbues immobile objects (non-living things) with motion, thereby breathing life into them. For this reason, many of WOW's works have focused on the theme of life.

WOW's works use a virtual environment on a screen, a gallery, or even an urban landscape as the stage for an astonishing displays that blend the boundaries between the natural and the digital, reality and artificial, the tangible and the intangible. Umwelten created by the movement of visual objects and the minds of those who view them. In these mysterious worlds, water and wind, fire and dance, and man and machine merge together, everything moving about and buzzing with life.

This exhibition is a retrospective examination of WOW's past, present, and future, as well as a look toward what lies ahead. Will the visual power that WOW has set in motion open up the path to a new era, breaking the boundaries between thought and history, between technology and society. Feel the living breath of this motion for yourself.

Note : Umwelten is a term from biology that refers to the subjective worlds that are produced by the different perceptions of each species of animal.

Retrospective Exhibition
Looking Back on 20 YearsFree Entrance

A retrospective exhibition spanning the entire visual design range of WOW. Works include a video archive of WOW's work, "wind form_03" installation of floating cloth, contemporary Japanese swords from "Hokkesaburo", home of the Takahashi family and designed by global designer Marc Newson. Also, research exhibits of WOW's birthplace Tohoku culture, and original products and the debut of "motion texture 02" (Cooperation: Panasonic “AMP”) part of WOW's video installation presentation. Experience WOW's presentations collectively.

wind form_03


motion texture 02



Installation Exhibition Containing New WorksCharge Area

Filling the large spiral hall, "RENDER" a new art piece and first public viewing. This work is inspired from nature and embodies the interaction of penetrating light represented on 20 transparent organic EL displays arranged as layers. Also, "BAKERU" (Tokyo debut), in which viewers wear a mask and can "transform" into the fantastic creatures of Tohoku where WOW was founded.




Free entrance


General ¥800 / Elementary, junior high,
and high school students ¥500 /
Pair discount ¥1,000 / Preschool children Free

  • ※Each ticket comes with a mask for experiencing the exhibited works.
  • ※Pair discount is a special value entrance ticket for two regular visitors or one regular visitor and one student.
  • ※The pair discount comes with one mask. If you need two masks, please purchase a normal ticket.
  • ※Reentry is permitted during the event period if you have a mask.


Gallery Tour

We will be holding daytime tours and a nighttime tour after hours. We will show how our work is produced, and present behind the scenes information together with the work. This is a private tour that will offer a further look inside the world of WOW. Each tour is scheduled to run between 60 and 90 minutes.

7th April (Sat)11:30 / 20:00
8th April (Sun)11:30
11th April (Wed)20:00
12th April (Thu)20:00
14th April (Sat)11:30 / 20:00
15th April (Sun)11:30
Entry limited to the first 20 applicants. The participation fee is ¥1,000 (includes ticket fee for access to the 3rd-floor premium area).
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Talk Event
Discover Japan_CREATORS series Launch Party talk event

A talk event held in celebration of the release of the book fully featuring WOW from Discover Japan_CREATORS series “Continually changing the world with Visual Design ̶ WOW animates the world."

First session 19:00 to 20:00
“Beauty, Behind the Scenes”
Discover Japan’s Editor-in-Chief Toshihiro Takahashi x WOW (Hiroshi Takahashi ・Kosuke Oho ・ Mamoru Kano)
Discover Japan magazine has been continually looking at attractions all over Japan. Their editorial department discovered something in the interview process for this time's WOW Book; what is the essence of WOW's creation? Discover Japan's editor in chief Takahashi along with three people who have led the way at WOW will talk about the unknown behind-the-scenes story of WOW.

Second session 20:00 to 21:00
“WOW x Kohei Nawa's Challenge”
WOW (Hiroshi Takahashi ・ Yuki Tazaki) x Sculptor Kouhei Nawa
Visual Design Studio WOW and world-renown sculptor Kohei Nawa's partner project, "Kohtei." This was the beginning of a challenge that would update expressive history, capturing a cross section of animation and sculpture, expanding from video software and programming to sculpture and architecture. At this talk the discussion will move from the story of Kohtei and past collaborations to future predictions.

Date &Time: 6th April (Fri) 2018, 19:00 to 21:00
Venue: Spiral Hall Foyer (3F)
Maximum capacity: 80 people
Price: Free

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Spiral Garden / Spiral Hall
5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

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