WOW magazine 115 - Mar. 13th, 2017

A new installation, “BLOOM DANCE,” to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of Tokyu Plaza Ginza opening.

The 1-year anniversary event, “BLOOMING DAYS 1st ANNIVERSARY,” is held at Tokyu Plaza Ginza between Wednesday, March 15th and Friday, April 7th, 2017. WOW worked on planning, designing, and creation of the “BLOOM DANCE” installation located on the 6th floor KIRIKO LOUNGE.
This installation features 3 transparent pillars of varying height, from 3m to 6m tall, in an open space with a ceiling that is about 27-meter tall. The pillars are filled with pieces of paper, cut to look like flower petals, which are made to mimic a natural phenomenon of flower petals flowing in the wind with the use of a fan and programmed lighting.
The fluttering movement of the flower petals, swaying through the space, is beautiful yet fleeting, and leaves a lasting impression on the spectators.

To open this event, there will be a one-night-only dance performance by a contemporary dance company, ‘The Bambiest.’ The event opening will be celebrated by dancing flower petals and an amazing dance performance.
Date:March 15(Wed)18:00 - April 7(Fri)23:00
Venue:Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6th floor KIRIKO LOUNGE
* The event will be held during the normal KIRIKO LOUNGE business hours.
* The installation may be closed for viewing at certain times to accommodate special events.

Date:March 15(Wed) First Performance 18:00- / Second Performance 19:30- *Admission Free
Planning and Production:Bunkamura
Planning Cooperation:The Bambiest, TRAUMARIS, WOW
Choreographer:Imari Suganuma
Cast:Minako Suzuki, Mamiko Hosokawa, Misaho Yajima, Yuka Shinohe
Music Arrangement:Felid

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