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WOW magazine 124 - Aug. 17th, 2017

WOW’s first architectural project “Future Center Hakodate”

WOW’s first architectural project, Future Center Hakodate and Kids Plaza Hakodate opened in Hakodate city, Hokkaido on October 15, 2016. It has opened as a regional exchange center after two and half years of cooperation with Sony PCL.

We have taken comprehensive responsibility for the establishment of these facilities aimed to revitalize the area. Along with creating contents for the large LED display “Media Wall” requested by the city at the time of project planning, we also designed the concept of the facility, cooperated with Future University Hakodate and worked with students through workshops to design the logo and website.
Hakodate City has been dedicated to disseminating science as the city’s new attraction since 15 years ago, and Future Univeristy Hakodate was founded for that purpose. With the creation of the nation’s first complex systems science department, it has been progressing in the fields of artificial intelligence, advanced technology education and design education. Future Center Hakodate and Kids Plaza Hakodate aim to use science as a base to nurture the strengths (the ability to recognize and solve problems independently) necessary for the next generation to uphold the world of the 21st century. We have called this strength “Odoroku Chikara” (ability of discovering) and used it as the concept to develop these facilities. By utilizing the location in front of the station, we hope to revitalize the area through the development of these facilities.

We have designed content that brings out this “Odoroku Chikara” on the large LED display Media Wall measuring 14m wide and 3m tall, and the 360 studio in Future Center Hakodate. Additionally, we are planning to continue participating in the future, through workshop programs, content creation, as well as support and advice for the facility and city planning.

Future Center Hakodate▶Official website

Play Movie▶Concept Movie / Digest Movie / Media Wall Movie / 360 Studio Movie
Also, running at Future Center Hakodate until September 3rd (Sun.) is “Play! A Game Exhibit
-From the World’s First Digital Game to Cutting-Edge Research-”
You can understand the evolution of games from the late 1950s to 1982 through games representative of the next generation such as Computer Space, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man, along with multifaceted explanations that let you enjoy this as a “play and learn” exhibit. In addition, “Make It! A Game Exhibit,” where you can make your own game from materials you have close at hand, will be running at the same time. Please stop by with the whole family during summer vacation!

Future Center Hakodate / Kids Plaza Hakodate
Address:Kiralis Hakodate 3rd - 4th floor, 20-1 Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate-shi
Time: Future Center 10:00 - 20:00 / Kids Plaza 10:00 - 18:00
Close: Every second Wednesday of month, December 31 and January 1
Admission:Future Center / Kids Plaza

Play! A Game Exhibit
Date:July 14 (Fri) - September 3 (Sun), 2017
Venue:Future Center Hakodate

Hakodate Mirai Project

“aikuchi” limited edition sales open at GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS

The Japanese sword is globally renowned as a supreme work of art; the components of the sword (the blade, the sheath, the grip and so) come together through the exquisite application traditional Japanese craft techniques. One of the best modern designers, Marc Newson, has poured his own innovative creativity into the world of traditional blades and ‘aikuchi,’ which is the crystallization of the Japanese sensibility that is born of that sympathetic soul, has gone on sale as a limited edition at GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS. The blades on sale at GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS are produced at the household of Kawachi Kunihira, who holds the Masamune Prize (the highest prize in the world of swordmaking), and is one of only a few modern swordsmiths who is so skilled as to be “a person certified as exempt from examination.” aikuchi is the creation of “Japanese aesthetics,” “traditional craft techniques” and “innovative design.” Please take this opportunity to see for yourself at the first opening to the general public.

Swordsmith Kawachi Kunihira and his sect

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