Happy New Year 2019 -Sharing with you a piece of WOW this holiday season-

WOW magazine 145 - Jan. 1st, 2019

Happy New Year!
We would like to express our deepest thanks for your kind consideration throughout last year.

2018 has been an extremely challenging year for WOW.
We held our first large retrospective exhibition, "WOW Visual Design Studio ー WOW animates the world" at Spiral, and having so many visitors has been a precious experience for us.
Also in 2019, now more than ever, we shall refine the expressions that WOW is striving for, and continue to advance in our visual design work.
Going forward, we are looking forward to your continued support.
HNY ’19 Movie
We have made holiday cards which links video as our very first artwork of 2019.
In total, there are 12 different designs of the holiday cards that we have created this time.
With Metafont as a focal point, part of the design process utilizes the letters H, N, and Y to visually compose 12 different images that appear and disappear. In this way, 12 different cards are randomly sent in a single arrangement. The receiver can then visualize each of the WOW designs that cannot be captured in a single frame.

WOW is expanding its activity to video work, space, architecture, UI/UX, and a broad range of visual images.
The way that the font in which "HNY" is written goes through 12 design transformations also expresses the growth process of WOW, never trapped in one shape but constantly continuing to evolve.
The animation sequence also shows the process of a visual arriving at completion.

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