Reconstructing the orchestra using technology: “SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019” and “THE CROSSING UN-ORCHESTRA”

WOW magazine 154 - Jun. 19th, 2019

It has been a year since the one night only “Transforming Orchestra” in August 2018. This year, WOW will participate again in “Yoichi Ochiai X Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Project” as a “video performer.” This year, the first night is titled “Diversity | SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019” and the second night is titled “Art | THE CROSSING UN-ORCHESTRA,” and it will be double performances lasting two weeks.

As a “video performer,” WOW will play the visuals of the rich sound expressions played by the orchestra, unique worldviews of each music, and how the sensations spread into the brains and hearts of the audience. In “Sound-Free Concert 2019,” we expand the enjoyment of the orchestra by applying the visuals. Regardless of anyone with hearing impairments, we broaden the opportunity for more people to enjoy music with their whole body. In “The Crossing Un-Orchestra,” we call to unique experiences and cultural backgrounds of each person creating intersections of matching and mismatching sensations, allowing to recall innate views of the sensation. We will be part to create a new orchestra experience.

It will soon be 100 years since the Japanese orchestra started full scale performances. The concerts trace back the history and also will be new “experiences” in the added pages of orchestra history. By experiencing two completely different tastes of “new orchestra styles,” we attempt to expand the audience's musical world in a variety of ways.
PERFORMER/STAFF (in both performances)
Production: Yoichi Ochiai
Performers: Hikaru Ebihara (conductor) / Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (orchestral music) / Yoko Ebara (facilitator)
Visual Design: WOW
Lighting: Kazuhiro Naruse
First night: Diversity | SOUND-FREE CONCERT 2019
Date: August 20th, 2019 (Tues) Start time: 7:00 p.m. (Lobby opens: 6:00 p.m.)
Place: Takemitsu Memorial | Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Address: 3 Chome-20-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Program: “Canon” by Pachelbel / “The Carnival of the Animals, an orchestra edition” by Saint-Saëns / Other
Reference Videos ▶VOL.1 Highlights of “SOUND-FREE CONCERT”

Date: August 27th, 2019 (Tues) Start time: 7:00 p.m. (Lobby opens: 6:00 p.m.)
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall
Address: 1 Chome-8-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima ku, Tokyo
Program: “Kobiki-Uta for Orchestra” by Kiyoshige Koyama / “The sea, symphonic sketches for the orchestra, 3. ‘Dialogue between wind and waves’” by Debussy / Other
Reference Videos ▶VOL.2 Highlights of “TRANSFORMING ORCHESTRA”

Open to: primary school students or older
*Preschool children may not attend both performances. Day care service is available (reservation/fee required).

August 20th (Tues): SS class seats, ¥12,000 - B class seats, ¥5,000
August 27th (Tues): SS class seats, ¥13,000 - B class seats, ¥6,000
*Discount available for those with disability certificate (SOUND HUG seats on Aug 20 are limited to those with hearing impairments)
*Discounts available for Ys (25 years old or under) and Gs (65 years old and above) categories

June 19, 2019 (Wed) 10:00 a.m. General sale starts

Tickets available at: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Service Center
Tel. 03-5378-5911 (Weekdays from10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
*Also available at ticket agents (only S, A, B class seats)

Sponsored by: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, a public interest incorporated foundation
Cooperation: Yoichi Ochiai, WOW, xDiversity, TBWA\HAKUHODO, SOUND-FREE CONCERT (Pioneer Corporation), Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
Subsidy: 2019 Creation of cultural contents inspired from the Japan Cultural Expo
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL subsidy)
Cosponsor: The Asahi Shimbun Company, Prism Co., Ltd., other
*beyond2020 program approved project
Cloud funding summary:
Cloud funding project is also in place for system funds used in the performance and for inviting children with disabilities to the concert.

Cloud funding service Readyfor Yoichi Ochiai X Japan Philharmonic Orchestra VOL. 3
*In addition to concert tickets, special limited items, pre-performance talk tickets and other gifts are available

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