WOW Talk Vol.9 Expression, Technique and Improvisation Seen In “Contour”

WOW magazine 190 - Sep. 29th, 2021

The 9th online talk event in the “WOW Talk” series led by WOW staff will be held on October 7 (Thu) at 7 pm. The talk will center on the making of the WOW original short film “Contour” which was released this summer.

“Contour -behind the scene-”
Expression and technique are closely related. In this work, we began with the question of what kind of expression was possible using the contemporary filming techniques of volumetrics. Additionally, Kitabatake and Sasaki approached the making of the CG with improvisation-like sessions, instead of following the existing process of using prepared materials such as storyboards as the basis.

In WOW Talk Vol. 9, we welcome guest speaker Yush Kalia from Dimension Studio to discuss the fully remote volumetric filming between Japan and the UK, as well as the techniques, expressions, and making of the film.
WOW Talk Vol.9 Expression, Technique and Improvisation Seen In “Contour”
Date:October 7th, 7pm
Venue: WOW YouTube Channel

Speakers:Director / Artist Ryo Kitabatake, Director / Artist Takuma Sasaki, Producer Ko Yamamoto, PR Michiru Sasaki
Guest:Yush Kalia (Dimension Studio) *This session will be pre-recorded.

We are accepting questions for the speakers in advance. They will answer the questions in the talk’s Q&A segment, so feel free to send questions from the following questionnaire form below.
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*Please note that, as time is limited, questions may not be answered during the event.

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