Beta Version 0.9.2 of the presentation tool Breakfast is now available.

WOW magazine 208 - Dec. 26th, 2022

WOW has released a new version (0.9.2) of its presentation tool, Breakfast. While significantly improving the existing slide-making capabilities, it adds cloud sharing and online lecture capabilities. It is the first major update in a year and a half. Beta version currently available. We invite you to try our all-new Breakfast.
Since the last update (0.2.77), our development team has been working to improve Breakfast for the online age, repeatedly conducting field tests in universities and businesses. The user-friendly layout is easy to use and is more aesthetically pleasing than ever. In addition, presentations are now more versatile and are displayed on your web browser.

The highlight of this update is its compatibility with online tasks. Slides can be easily shared to the cloud, and online lectures can begin straight from the cloud. Various added features facilitate communication between the instructor and participants during lectures. Another advantage is that the lectures themselves do not require the app, and can be carried out using only your browser.

We plan to develop Breakfast into a comprehensive presentation tool with added lecture capabilities. We also plan to offer a subscription service and continue developing Breakfast to upgrade our users' presentations and classes.

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