An installation recreating "Emotion" through Science and Art at SXSW 2023

WOW magazine 210 - Mar. 13th, 2023

WOW will take part in the cutting-edge technology festival "South by Southwest 2023 (SXSW2023)," held from the 10th of March to the 19th (local time) in Austin, Texas, USA, in an interactive art installation called "What revs your heart and makes waves?" run by the Yamaha Motor Company and the Yamaha Corporation. Based on research into the true essence of the "emotional" experience that the two Yamaha companies have been working on, WOW has been in charge of the planning, direction, production, and implementation.

"What revs your heart and makes waves?" is an installation which two people experience at the same time. Both players, through non-verbal and intuitive communication, will experience the "excitement" envisioned by both of the Yamahas.

A sound (TONE) is produced when one person hits the ball (NOTE) . Through this sound exchange, both repeate their communicate in an abstract way. Using the Yamaha motifs of rotation (engine) and sound, we created a visual that evokes the organic exchange through music that occurs between the two.

The design departments at both Yamaha Motor Company and the Yamaha Corporation, along with Dr. Mark Changizi and the California Institute of Technology Shinsuke Shimojo Laboratory as research partners, are working together to uncover the true essence of the "emotional" experience, a shared corporate philosophy, through science and art, and to attempt to recreate it. The installation taking place now within this research is a prototype created from a combination of science and art.

Exhibition Overview
Day and time: 12th of March 2023 (Monday) to the 15th of March (Wednesday) *local time
Location: Austin Convention Center (Austin, Texas, USA)
Exhibition booth number: 1126
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