Produced and directed video content for the large curved signage “Ueno-Hirokoji Exit Vision”

WOW magazine 220 - Feb. 26th, 2024

WOW was in charge of producing and directing the video content for the new large curved signage “Ueno Hirokoji Vision” at the Ueno Hirokoji intersection, which opened on January 24th. This vision was newly installed next to the facade of the second Ueno Station building, which was completed in 1932. From this huge signage measuring 9.5m wide and 5.0m tall, original 2D and 3D content as well as time-based content will be displayed.

Ueno Station, known as the “Northern Gateway to Tokyo,” has been beloved as a vibrant city where various cultures blend together. WOW has created three contents featuring pandas, which have been loved in Ueno. A high-energy panda, equivalent to the energy of the city, will appear at Ueno Hirokoji Intersection. In “Panda's Daily Life” and “Panda's Time Announcement,” instead of describing pandas realistically, we used adorable pandas with human-like movements. For the content featuring Kabuki, actual Kabuki actors were recorded using motion capture with the corporation from Shochiku Co., Ltd. The panda will perform a dynamic Kabuki pose.

Ueno Station will transform from a “transportation hub” to a “platform for living” with the concept of “cultural creation HUB.” Together with Tokyo University of the Arts, local residents, and businesses, Ueno Station aims to maximize the characteristics of the station as a gathering place for many people, focusing on art (art, music, etc.), local and cultural life, and Japanese entertainment. They will develop events and new cultural creation services that integrate digital technology, aiming for the station to become a place where a “rich and fulfilling life” can be realized.

Ueno Station “Ueno Hirokoji Exit Vision/Poleia Square/Share Cycle Port” and “PLATFORM13” are now open.

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