Exhibition "Polymorphism of Information" will be held.

WOW magazine 221 - Mar. 7th, 2024

WOW will be holding an event called “Polymorphism of Information” at THE CAMPUS (Kokuyo Tokyo Shinagawa Office) from March 18th (Monday) to March 22nd (Friday). The exhibition will showcase works born from WOW's data design project "InForms" which started last year. Visitors can appreciate the works (data) and share insights gained from them with others, deepening understanding, gaining new perspectives, and proposing possibilities for new data design.
What is InForms
InForms aims to visualize information by appreciating data, and stimulating creative thinking. The design of the experience consists of four processes: 1-unraveling information and context hidden in the data, 2- shaping and visualizing them, 3- “appreciating” the shaped and visualized data, 4- exchanging opinions.

Last year, as the first attempt, two methods called “InfoSculpture” and “InfoTexture” were devised, and video works were created and released based on the data of “world population” and “rare metal production” (1 and 2). In this exhibition, you can experience the entire process of InForms by presenting processes 3 and 4 mentioned above.
Exhibition Concept
The term “Polymorphism” in the title of this exhibition refers to the ability of one thing to have multiple forms or aspects. In “Polymorphism of Information,” data on world population and rare metal production will be presented and exhibited in the form of videos, products, posters, and interactive content. By designing the polymorphism of a single piece of data in different media, we explore the changes in relationships with people and spaces, as well as the insights that may arise.
Challenge to Data Design
The artworks exhibited in this exhibition are created based on cutting-edge 3DCG technology. In today's world, with access to a wide range of big data, the significance of data collection has become widely recognized. As we contemplate where the collected data will lead us, data that originally had no form materializes through CG, existing in space. This not only changes the distance between humans and data in physical space but also creates new perspectives. This exhibition proposes the potential of data design using 3DCG, as envisioned by WOW.
InfoSculpture × Furniture Design
InfoSculpture views data as “sculptural elements” and brings out the structure inherent in the data itself. By expanding the way data is perceived, it aims to stimulate the creativity of viewers and provide a multifaceted perspective. Last year, in a video work released, four creations on the theme of world population were produced in CG. In this exhibition, these creations are materialized as prototypes of furniture. It attempts to blend data into living spaces and shorten the distance between people.
InfoTexture × Lenticular & 2.5D Printing
InfoTexture brings back the context and materiality of data as “texture.” In our last year's film, we created the production of rare metals in CG. In this exhibition, we output the “texture” of the data created by InfoTexture using lenticular printing, highlighting the relationship between visuals and data through simple interaction of changing perspectives. We will also exhibit paintings using 2.5D printing technology (StareReap©) to enhance the beauty of the texture and create a powerful presence as art pieces in the space. We express the multiplicity of visual representation in InForms, where beauty influences people's interests and memory, and beyond that lies thinking and interpretation, all within one poster.
Large LED screens & interactive displays
In addition to showcasing video exhibits using four 200-inch large screens, we will also display InfoSculpture and InfoTexture video works as interactive content. By manipulating the viewpoint through touch displays, we aim to provide a more active experience in gaining insights from data.
“Polymorphism of Information”
Date: March 18th (Monday) to March 22nd (Friday), 2024
Time: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time)
Location: Kokuyo Tokyo Shinagawa Office “THE CAMPUS
Address: 1-8-35 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee: Free
Organizer: WOW
Co-Organizer: KOKUYO

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