Directing the Installation and Digital Facade Production at NISSAN CROSSING

WOW magazine 222 - Mar. 19th, 2024

WOW is handling the production of a Nissan Formula E Gen3 themed installation and the video direction for a digital facade that will display on a 2nd floor wall at NISSAN CROSSING (Ginza, Tokyo), the base of the Nissan brand, from March 11th (Monday) to April 24th (Wednesday). This exhibit is being put on as part of the “NISSAN FORMULA E PARK” hands-on exhibition where you can “see, touch, and feel” Formula E in preparation for the Formula E Tokyo E-Prix to be held in March.

The Nissan Formula E Gen3 is on display in the cylinder-shaped showcase on the first floor located in front of the NISSAN CROSSING entrance. Twenty transparent pipes were placed around it, and the flying petals produce a sense of the speed and intensity of Formula E. And for the second floor digital facade we also directed and produced a promotional movie that hypes up the Tokyo E-prix in which the Nissan Formula E Team is participating. We attempted to direct a production that creates a sense of excitement for the competition while depicting the appeal of Formula E.

Exhibition Overview
Date: March 11th (Monday) – April 24th (Wednesday), 2024
Exhibition Location: NISSAN CROSSING
Address: 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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