WOW Student Program — Ignite Your Creativity: Open Call

WOW magazine 225 - Jun. 28th, 2024

This summer, WOW will host the “WOW Student Program — Ignite Your Creativity” for students aspiring to become creators. In an era where diversity and innovation intersect, we are committed to creating a platform to encounter and nurture new sensibilities and intellects.

Advancements in digital technology have paved new horizons in visual expression and the arts, offering vast possibilities for creators. This program, led by WOW, known for its diverse creative activities, will provide advice mindful of expressions that resonate with people's hearts and practical business insights. It aims to enhance students' creativity, expressive power, and breakthrough capability from their unique perspectives. Our goal is to forge connections between students, WOW, and the creative industry, fostering opportunities where new sensibilities inspire the industry.

Program Overview
Participants will be invited to submit their own project proposals based on themes set by WOW. Successful candidates will receive direct guidance on how to improve their work from WOW's creative team, which handles a wide range of visual works both domestically and internationally, with a goal of completing the works within a six-week period. The finished works can be included in the original creations of the prticipants.

This program's theme is to create works that allow viewers to experience “time.” We aim to draw out diverse creativity through various interpretations of the theme, which can include video works, installations, interactive experience devices, UI/UX design, and product design.

Visit our official website for more details.

WOW Student Program—Ignite Your Creativity
Entry Period: June 28, 2024 (Friday) to July 24, 2024 (Wednesday)
Program Duration: August 5, 2024 (Monday) to September 21, 2024 (Saturday)
Program & Entry Details:WOW Student Program—Ignite Your Creativity Official Website

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