WOW Talk Vol.14: “From Palm to Space—WOW’s UI/UX Design Journey”

WOW magazine 226 - Jul. 9th, 2024

On July 17th, 2024 (Wed.), WOW will hold an online talk event entitled, “From Palm to Space—WOW’s UI/UX Design Journey”.

WOW has expanded its field of visual design with the times, starting with videos and images projected on televisions and PC monitors, and extending to spatial design such as installations, as well as UI/UX design for smartphones and car dashboards. In recent years, digital signage has been increasingly installed in commercial facilities, office buildings and stores. Along with this, there is an increase in information design that aims to communicate with users, as well as experience design that combines video and programming.

Furthermore, through the regular production of original works, WOW has explored the concepts of “universal beauty”, “serendipitous design” and “emotions” all while engaging with the technology and devices of the time, creating works and experiences that will stay in people's memories.

As devices, software and AI continue to evolve at an accelerating rate, the lifestyles of the users who interact with them are also changing rapidly, requiring constant updates to the methods of communication between companies and users. In WOW Talk Vol.14, we will look at past examples to see how WOW's UI/UX design has read the times and what expressions, technologies and devices it has combined to communicate with users.
WOW Talk Vol.14: “From Palm to Space—WOW’s UI/UX Design Journey”
Date: July 17th, 1pm
Venue:WOW YouTube Channel

Speakers:Sayaka Maruyama (UI/UX Designer), Saki Kato (Art Director / Designer), Shinichi Saeki (Producer)

We are accepting questions for the speakers in advance. They will answer the questions in the talk’s Q&A segment, so feel free to send questions from the following questionnaire form below.
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