Privacy Policy

WOW inc. (“Company”) sets forth this privacy policy (“Policy”) as follows in regard to the handling of the Personal Information and other information of the viewers and customers (“Users”; such information hereinafter “User Information”) of any of the websites including the following websites (“Sites”) operated by the Company (excluding, where there are contrary provisions, the websites to which such provisions apply). Unless otherwise provided herein, this Policy shall also apply to Sites added after the formulation hereof.
  1. WOW inc. website( and all subdomains and subdirectories of this URL)
  2. BLUEVOX!( and all subdomains and subdirectories of this URL)
  3. wowlab( and all subdomains and subdirectories of this URL)
  4. BAKERU website( and all subdomains and subdirectories of this URL)

[1] Basic Policy

The Company acknowledges the importance of Personal Information in regard to all of our Sites and believes that protecting Personal Information (i.e., Personal Information as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Act”)) is a social responsibility; therefore, we comply with all laws and regulations related to Personal Information and appropriately acquire, use and manage the Personal Information handled on our Sites. The information collected on Sites is handled appropriately, within the scope of its purposes of use.

[2] Scope and Purposes of Use of User Information to be Collected

  1. The Company, in the cases set forth in the items below, acquires and will acquire from Users the User Information indicated in the applicable items to use same for the purposes set forth in such items.
    User Information Time of Acquisition Purpose of Use
    (1) User’s name, email address, company/school name, phone number When we receive an inquiry concerning a request etc. for work from an email form on a Site To respond to or handle User inquiries
    (2) User email address At time of registration for the “WOW magazine” newsletter distributed by the Company To deliver newsletter to Users
    (3) User name, address, email address, phone number At time of product order on “WOW Store” operated by Company For “WOW Store” operations including communication and product delivery to Users in connection with product orders
    (4) User internet domain name, IP address, Cookies, access to Sites, and other similar information When Sites are accessed (collected automatically) To improve usability of Sites
    (5) User name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, other information indicated in CV or employment history submitted by User Time of employment application by Company-prescribed method on Site career page To communicate with job applicants, conduct interviews with job applicant, and carry out other procedures necessary for hiring
    (6) Information indicated in (1) through (5) Times set forth in (1) through (5) To conduct investigations or otherwise respond when there has been unlawful conduct such as unauthorized access to a Site
  2. To cancel the newsletter or change your email address, click here.
  3. On Sites, as a reference for ascertaining conditions of use and improving Sites, we collect User Information using the Google Analytics access analysis tools provided by Google LLC. Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and contains no Personal Information whatsoever. Cookie functions can be disabled using User browser settings. For details concerning Google Analytics terms of use, click here.
  4. On the “WOW Store” Site, services related to payment of product sale prices and Personal Information handling services in conjunction therewith have been entrusted to Shopify Inc. and PayPal Pte. Ltd. Shopify Inc. and PayPal Pte. Ltd. independently acquire User names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers and security codes. For details, see the Shopify Inc. privacy policy ( and the PayPal Pte. Ltd. privacy policy ( The Company itself will never acquire User credit card numbers or other information related to User credit cards.

[3] Restrictions on Use and Provision

  1. Except where disclosure is required under laws and regulations, the Company will not use collected information for any purpose other than those indicated in [2].
  2. The Company will not provide third parties with any User Information falling under Personal Information, except in the cases indicated below.
    1. When the User has consented in advance;
    2. When there has been a request for disclosure etc. under laws or regulations or when provision is otherwise pursuant to laws or regulations;
    3. When the Company is responding to unlawful conduct such as unauthorized access or provision is otherwise necessary to protect the life, person or property of any individual, and it is difficult to obtain the relevant User’s consent;
    4. When provision is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health and hygiene or the promotion of sound childrearing, and it is difficult to obtain the relevant User’s consent;
    5. When provision is necessary to cooperate with the conduct of administrative business, as set forth in laws and regulations, by a national agency or a local government or person delegated thereby, and obtaining the relevant User’s consent is likely to hinder the conduct of such administrative business; and
    6. When Company business is assumed by another party as a result of a business transfer or the like.

[4] Disclosure and Correction etc.

  1. Users are entitled to request, using procedures designated elsewhere by the Company, that the Company disclose Personal Information in its possession. Fees will be collected for such disclosure (1,000 yen per disclosure). However, the foregoing does not apply in the following cases.
    1. When it cannot be confirmed that the User him/her/itself made the request;
    2. When disclosure is likely to harm to the life, person, property or other rights or interests of the User him/her/itself or a third party;
    3. When disclosure is likely to significantly hinder the proper conduct of Company business; and
    4. When disclosure will otherwise violate laws or regulations.
  2. When the content of a User’s Personal Information as retained by the company is contrary to fact, such User is entitled to request the correction, addition or deletion of such content (“Correction etc.” or “Correct etc.”) using procedures designated elsewhere by the Company. In such a case, the Company will conduct necessary investigations without delay to an extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use of such Personal Information, and on the basis of the results, will Correct etc. such content.
  3. For the disclosure procedures of Paragraph 1, the Company will be entitled to request the submission of copies of documents etc. verifying the identity of the relevant User, to an extent necessary to confirm that the User him/her/itself has requested disclosure of Personal Information.
  4. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 1 or Paragraph 2, the foregoing provisions will not apply in the case where the Company is not obligated to make disclosures or Corrections etc. under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws or regulations.

[5] Personal Information Necessary for Account Maintenance etc.

Users are not entitled to use any Site requiring User registration if they do not consent to provide an email address or other Personal Information essential for the maintenance of User accounts on Services or for the use of such Sites.

[6] Effects of Account Deletion

When a User has deleted an User account as set forth in [5], the Company will appropriately process such User’s User Information in accordance with the Terms of Service, this Privacy Policy and other rules etc. stipulated by the Company.

[7] Other

The Sites are in compliance with all Japanese laws and regulations applicable to Personal Information, and the Company is striving to make appropriate revisions and improvements to the content of this Privacy Policy.
The Company is entitled to amend this Privacy Policy as necessary. In the case where an amendment requires User consent under laws or regulations, the Privacy Policy as amended will apply only to Users that have consented to such amendment using Company-prescribed methods, and in all other cases, the Privacy Policy as amended will apply to all Users from the time specified by the Company at which said Privacy Policy as amended comes into effect. When the Company amends this Privacy Policy, the particulars of the Privacy Policy as amended and the time such Privacy Policy comes into effect will be disseminated or communicated to Users by indication on Sites or by other appropriate method. Note that this page will always show the most up to date Privacy Policy.

[8] Contact Information

Inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy should be made to the address indicated below using the form indicated below.
WOW inc.
1-14-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Enacted: December 10, 2019