WOW Talk Vol.7 “The Latest Motion Graphics Cases”

WOW magazine 179 - Feb. 4th, 2021

Motion graphics are at the core of WOW, taking on various expressions across media. WOW works on motion graphics in a variety of fields, including brand movies that express brands and product worldviews, vision movies that materialize business concepts and service schemes, and opening sequences of movies and events. In WOW Talk Vol.7, WOW members with experience working on epoch-making works talk about the expressions they aim for and the inside stories of their creations.

WOW Talk Vol.7 “The Latest Motion Graphics Cases”
Date:February 17th, 7pm - 8:45pm
Venue:WOW YouTube Channel
*URL will be announced on SNS
*WOW YouTube Channel is here

Speakers: Executive Producer Hiroshi Takahashi, Visual Art Director Kouhei Nakama, Visual Designer Tomoya Kimpara, Director / Visual Designer Ryo Kitabatake, Visual Designer Shota Oga、Producer Yatuaki Matsui, Producer Ko Yamamoto, Producer Shinichi Saeki

For this Vol.7, we are accepting questions for members who will be on the stage in advance. They will answer the questions in the talk's Q&A segment, so please feel free to send questions from the questionnaire form below.
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*As time is limited, questions may not be answered during the event. Please note that in advance.

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