WOW takes charge of the design and production of the renewal of ISSEY MIYAKE's official website

WOW magazine 212 - Jun. 7th, 2023

In March 2023, ISSEY MIYAKE renewed its official website. The online store and other related service sites, which were previously operated individually, will be integrated into a single site to provide the latest information on each brand and its approach to craftsmanship, as well as a seamless shopping experience. WOW was in charge of the design and production of this new site.

ISSEY MIYAKE official website
Modern design that reinterprets the ISSEY MIYAKE style
For the renewal that integrated the entire ISSEY MIYAKE website (corporate, brand, and online store), we aimed to unify the design with a renewed awareness of the ISSEY MIYAKE style.

In terms of visual design, we minimized the use of gray and black to bring out the beautiful visuals of the brand and made it in a more modern and simple direction than the old site.

In terms of interface design, the design and layout of components such as menus, breadcrumb navigation, and footers were made more generic than the old site, and emphasis was placed on the ease of navigation and access to pages.
Brand pages that appropriately convey and deliver the worldview of each brand
The aim of each brand page was to create a structure that would allow each brand to express its individuality while ensuring a sense of unity as "ISSEY MIYAKE." The main visuals, product images, and images of models wearing the products are kept to a minimum so that the beauty of the visuals will stand out. The design of each content is modularized to ensure ease of operation and to provide a certain degree of flexibility in the modules so that each brand can have its own identity.
Product pages for a seamless shopping experience
The integrated website provides a more seamless shopping experience than ever before by creating a user flow from the look images on the brand pages to the product pages in the online store. In addition, the layout and operability have been optimized for each display device, such as smartphones and PCs, to improve the overall UX.

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