The “BAKERU School” Tour for 2024 has been decided

WOW magazine 224 - Jun. 21st, 2024

WOW's original work “BAKERU” began with the “Hare to Ke Exhibition” held in 2017. It has since expanded nationally and internationally with exhibitions such as “WOW Animates the World,” “BAKERU: Transforming Spirits,” and “Encountering BAKERU around the World.” Starting in 2018, we have been touring elementary schools in Japan as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' “Promoting the Development of Children through Cultural Arts Project - Tour Performance Project,” under the name “BAKERU School.” To date, we have visited a total of 34 schools and have received positive feedback from schools and children.

In the 2023 academic year, we toured Yamagata, Miyagi, Akita, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Wakayama, Nara, Kyoto, Kumamoto, and Saga. It was a year with a diverse range of activities, including participation from local performing arts groups across the country, implementation during class observations, and content production of Miyagi Prefecture's Jouno Kagura “Torimai.”

Local performing arts groups from all over the country participated, allowing children to appreciate live performances and rediscover the charm of local performing arts rooted in their hometowns. Through comparison with other regions, they had the opportunity to enjoy and learn about the rich spiritual and cultural aspects of local performing arts found throughout Japan. At schools where “BAKERU School” was implemented along with class observations, not only children but also adults and siblings were seen enjoying the experience together. Additionally, at Tsukidate Elementary School in Miyagi Prefecture, they incorporated Jouno Kagura's “Torimai” into BAKERU, allowing them to enjoy BAKERU unique to that area.

BAKERU School—Autumn 2023, Miyagi Tsukidate Elementary School Edition▶︎ Read

This year, which marks the 7th year of “BAKERU School,” we will be touring Ibaraki, Chiba, and Tokyo. We will once again engage in activities aimed at conveying the precious local culture through unique expressions exclusive to WOW.

We would like to express our gratitude once again to all the local performing arts groups who participated in the “BAKERU School” in the 2023 academic year.

Iwate Prefecture: Tokyo Deer Dance and Todori Deer Dance
Kagawa Prefecture: Sanuki Shishimai
Kumamoto Prefecture: Yanaginobyu no Drum Dance
Miyagi Prefecture: Jouno Kagura
Akita Prefecture: Nakadate Bangaku
Yamagata Prefecture: Sawatari Shishimai

─ About “BAKERU School” ─
This project was adopted within the framework of media arts that was newly established by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in the “Promoting the Development of Children through Cultural Arts Project - Tour Performance Project.” By providing elementary and junior high school students nationwide with an opportunity to experience cultural arts, we aim to foster future artists and audiences and contribute to the production of great cultural arts. Please check this out for more details.

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