The world’s first deep tech specialized creative firm, KANDO

WOW magazine 139 - Aug. 23rd, 2018

Yuki Tazaki, the Conceptor and Creative Director of WOW has established the world’s first deep tech specialized creative firm, KANDO. WOW is participating as a partner company, providing support through its visual design for KANDO’s ENVISION Design.

KANDO takes up the new challenge of simultaneously solving human problems and creating a new culture by using the power of creativity/liberal arts to close the gap between science/technology and finance/business that Yuki Tazaki, with his background in archeology and architecture, experienced as he learned through planning and managing art and science projects, and architectural projects.


KANDO combines the three elements of creativity/liberal arts, science/technology, and finance/business to realize a better future and a new culture. KANDO’s main business is creative consulting and production that specializes in support for startups and new businesses that possess deep tech that can revolutionize the world.

KANDO’s mission comprises the following 3 elements:
1. Building vision
2. Social implementation
3. Creating new culture

In order to advance the 3 elements, KANDO has a unique method, ENVISION Design.

Realizing the vision requires the combination of 3 elements, the intelligence of liberal arts in such fields as philosophy and anthropology, and the creativity of fields such as art and design; truly revolutionary science and deep technology; and finance and business to drive R&D and commercialization as quickly as possible. Together, these elements achieve new design at a higher dimension, ENVISION Design.
Service Menu
KANDO’s service menu has 3 main stages.

1. Thought Experiment
We will conduct a thought experiment with expressive people like artists, and liberal arts such as anthropologists, philosophers and lawyers combining their intelligence to drive the corporate or startup vision. The thought experiment workshop will visualize fundamental corporate values, simultaneously conceive of the ultimate vision for the future, and provide a direction for the corporation to advance in through business growth scenarios and materializing a business roadmap.

2. Creation
Based on the business growth scenarios and business roadmap that resulted from the Thought Experiment, we create a high quality CG to visualize that world view. That video enables us to make a global impact, promote understanding of the business by investors, and contribute to raising finances. It can also promote acquisition of customers or partners. After financing we provide various kinds of creative support for commercialization and getting the product out.

3. Business Development
After the product is out, we continue to provide business support from a creative perspective, aiming for true social implementation and culture creation with the corporation.

KANDO Service Menu

In order to advance ENVISION Design, KANDO is engaged in powerful partnerships.

Creativity is provided by the Visual Design Studio WOW, actively engaged in creation of CGI and installations both in Japan and overseas.

Social implementation through science/technology and finance is provided by the Real Tech Fund venture capital company that specializes in truly revolutionary deep technology, and which was founded by 3 companies, Euglena, Leave a Nest, and SMBC Nikko Securities.
Real Tech Fund

Culture creation is provided by the General Incorporated Association Whole Universe, that has a variety of cultural networks and manages the unique media Bound Baw of the Osaka University of Arts Art Science Department, and is behind the Human-Information Technology Ecosystem (HITE) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Bound Baw

The alliance between KANDO and the 3 companies described above has made it possible to provide creative support to deep tech startups and companies as an ecosystem.

Case Study
The first example of achievement of the alliance between these 3 companies and KANDO is the world’s first cyborg startup company, MELTIN ( This has created a lot of interest both in Japan and overseas, and has greatly accelerated the acquisition of customers and partners. CNN in America did a report on it, and it received approximately 400,000 views on CNN Facebook in one day.

Focus Fields
KANDO supports new businesses in Japan and overseas that are required to have a long-term vision, and drives projects not only startups but incubation facilities, architecture, and city planning. Those who are interested, who want to change the world, or do not know the best way to deploy new technology creatively, or whether to represent it, or who want to discuss matters, are requested to contact Founder Tazaki.

KANDO Founder & CEO
Yuki Tazaki

Special Thanks
KANDO was born through the meeting of the curator Arina Tsukada, the artist Kohei Nawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) researcher Kosuke Fujishima, Real Tech Fund CEO Akihiko Nagata, and Mizuki Komasa of Real Tech Fund.
I want to once again express my gratitude here to all of them.

KANDO will pitch in Industry Co-Creation ™ (ICC) summit KYOTO 2018

Yuki Tazaki will pitch in Industry Co-Creation ™ (ICC) summit KYOTO 2018 at REALTECH CATAPULT session (2:30pm - 3:45pm, September 4) as a guest presenter. This session gives you a series of startups presentations that inspire you deep tech world. Come and join us if you participate in ICC KYOTO!!


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