WOW Talk Vol.6 “The Possibilities of AR and Motion Graphics”

WOW magazine 175 - Dec. 3rd, 2020

The "WOW Talk" series is a panel discussion that WOW has held offline five times in the past. WOW will host the series online this time. The current theme is "The Possibilities of AR and Motion Graphics." The series will introduce AR (Augmented Reality), which is receiving attention due to the coronavirus crisis, and the latest examples of concerts, events, business presentations, and installations that used motion graphics, which is a specialty of WOW. The various media that can experience AR are rapidly becoming widespread, and they can provide new experiences and values to users and places. When motion graphics enter the real world due to AR, what kinds of sensation will be born in users? What types of design will be needed? WOW members who have worked on AR projects will talk together about these questions. By all means, please watch the series.

WOW Talk Vol.6 “The Possibilities of AR and Motion Graphics”
Date: December 15th, 6pm-8pm
Venue: WOW YouTube Channel
*URL will be announced on SNS
*WOW YouTube Channel is here
Speakers: Kosuke Oho (Chief Creative Director), Tatsuki Kondo (Director), Shunsaku Ishinabe (Technical Director), Keita Abe (Programmer), Takafumi Matsunaga (Visual Designer), Shinichi Saeki (Producer), Go Hagiwara (Producer), Yasuaki Matsui (Producer)

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