Creating of digital contents at TOTO Technical Center Tokyo

WOW magazine 223 - Apr. 22nd, 2024

Based on the renewal theme of “Fine & Flow,” this facility expresses the “free, delicate, and beautiful characteristics of water as it flows seamlessly.” Together with this theme, WOW created the entire UI design for the contents of the brand wall at the entrance, featuring generative conceptual images that embody TOTO's activities and technologies. Rather than just conveying the technology and history, the goal was to build a space where empathy would be fostered, and visitors could experience the world of TOTO through visual communication.
Brand Wall | Concept Video
The new facility theme of “Fine & Flow” was expressed using monotone particles. Delicate particles reminiscent of flowing water dynamically develop to transform the Earth and our cities into DNA-like spiral structures. WOW depicts TOTO's environmental efforts, creation of lifestyle culture, and corporate research and development that extends into the microscopic world. The aim was to use video techniques that generate images in real time with seamless screen transitions to prevent gaps and improve the viewing experience.
Brand Wall | UI Planning/Design
The existing gallery in the facility was updated to digital signage for the renewal. The presentation mode was designed to take advantage of the large screen by enlarging images of the history and examples of interest, and automatically displaying related items. In addition, the tablet app used to operate the brand wall was designed to enable guests to create presentations tailored to them.
Facility Name: TOTO Technology Center Tokyo
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo
*The Technical Center for corporate use, and reservations are required (it is not open for the general public).

▶︎ TOTO “Renewal of Cutting-Edge Proposal Facility for Business Users‘TOTO Technical Center Tokyo’”

photo by Daisuke Ohki

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