"Tokyo Light Odyssey" to be part of a spectacular immersive exhibition in Montreal

WOW magazine 209 - Jan. 19th, 2023

From January 19th, WOW's VR work "Tokyo Light Odyssey" will be shown in the transformé exhibition at Canada's largest immersive museum, OASIS Immersion in Montreal. Originally created in 2016 as a half sphere with a dome-shaped screen and a full celestial sphere experience by wearing an HMD, WOW updated this work to suit the OASIS Immersion venue and context of the project. With images projected onto the entire floor and all four walls, it is a video work that dynamically immerses you in the Tokyo city nightscape. The content is part of gallery 2, for which the subtheme is entitled “At the crossroad of territories.”

The transformé exhibition, based on the theme of Courage and Empathy, will open at OASIS immersion on Thursday, January 19th. Eight virtual reality works will be shown, including "Tokyo Light Odyssey." Through the creativity and technology of OASIS Immersion, the transformé exhibition reconstructs the individual-based VR experience of wearing HMDs as a collective immersive walk-through experience. By transforming our subjective perspectives into those of others, it becomes possible to explore how powerful courage and empathy can be in our lives. The immersive walk-through experience of this exhibition portrays a narrative superimposed with large-scale installations and abundant visuals and sounds, underpinned by convictions that address the present day.

transformé exhibition information
Exhibition Period: January 19th, 2023 to April 2023
Venue: OASIS Immersion
Address: 301 Saint-Antoine St West, Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1H5 (access via Saint-Antoine Street West and place Jean-Paul-Riopelle)
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OASIS immersion
The OASIS Immersion group is an entertainment organization specialized in the creation, exhibit and distribution of immersive experiences developed in keeping with industry best practices. The first OASIS Immersion site is located in a 2,200 m2 high-performance multimedia environment on the first floor of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. It offers a walk-through museum-type experience including three immersive galleries, two light experiences and a lounge area with café-bar and boutique. Its programming features leading talent in the immersive arts and presents contemporary themes from an inspiring and optimistic perspective. The OASIS immersion galleries are also available for private events. For more information visit here.

Tokyo Light Odyssey
From the lights of skyscrapers and homes, to the neon street lights and headlamps of cars and trains in motion… fragments of the city float like stardust out of the darkness against the curtain of the night sky. This new vision of Tokyo is explored with omnidirectional motion graphics.
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